Fresh is best!

At The Bottle Kiln, we’re all foodies at heart. We believe that the freshest food, made from the freshest ingredients, is not only the tastiest but gives you the best eating experience. “Why’s that?” we hear you ask. Let us explain!


Freshly made food gives you a sense of having something a little bit different and more than a little bit special. There’s something almost luxurious about ‘fresh’ or ‘homemade’ food and for us, it’s the time and care that has gone into preparing it.

Using the freshest ingredients, ethically chosen from local growers or producers where possible, our food is prepared by our dedicated kitchen team from scratch on the day. What many of our customers may not know, is that our food has been freshly prepared on site for the last 30 years! And some of our most longstanding dishes have come from original family recipes… if that isn’t the definition of ‘homemade’, then we’re not sure what is!

Now for the experience part. Eating out with friends has become almost like a treat and so naturally, you’d want to make the most out of it! There’s something special to us about sitting together with good company and tasty, homemade food on the table. Yes, we may occasionally run out of food when very busy… but that is one of the quirks that comes with freshly prepared food!

And that’s exactly what we hope you’ll experience here at The Bottle Kiln. Our café team love nothing more than making people happy through the food they serve and prepare (except maybe clean plates!) and that’s why they are committed to making delicious fresh food, every single day for you to enjoy.

Why not pop into our newly refurbished café and find out for yourself why fresh is best when it comes to our food. Tantalise your taste buds and take a look at our menu here