Outside the front of the Bottle Kiln with gravel parking area, trees and shrubs

Our story

At the Bottle Kiln, the Stone family have converted a unique historic building into a relaxing and contemporary space for the enjoyment of some of the finer things in life: objects of beauty, delight and indulgence; treats and surprises; home-cooked food and award-winning coffee. It's a place to meet with friends, wander and browse, or to buy a special present. A visit to the Bottle Kiln is often the beginning of a long and happy relationship.

The old, derelict Bottle Kiln before being rebuilt


This site was originally an estate sawmill making pit-props for the Newdigate Estate coal mines. In the mid 19th Century additional buildings were erected to house a small brick works using materials from a nearby clay pit. The bricks were fired in beehive kilns.

Two bottle-neck kilns were built by the ‘West Hallam Art & Earthenware Company’ in the 1920s utilising the earlier buildings and adding further workshops and a boiler house with a square chimney. The pottery failed in 1933. One kiln was demolished in the 1950s causing local concern and the present outer kiln shell was registered as a listed building.

The Stone family purchased the derelict site in 1983. Charles Stone and his sons designed and built the present complex, of which only the kiln shell is an original building. The business has been run by the Stone family ever since.