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Our drinks

Here at the Bottle Kiln we're renowned for our wonderful artisan coffees and are just as meticulous in our choice of other drinks.

We offer a range of loose teas, naturally delicious cold drinks as well as some carefully selected wines and beers that match perfectly to our food.




Seriti Merlot. Western Cape, South Africa. Lush, ripe, sensuous Merlot with flavours of hedgerow fruits. 125ml glass 3.95. 175ml glass 4.95. 75cl bottle 18.95

Tesoro de los Andes Malbec Bonada. Mendoza, Argentina. Smooth and rounded with bramble fruit, damsons and a touch of spice. 75cl bottle 19.95


Seriti Sauvignon Blanc. Western Cape, South Africa. Fresh, zippy, ripe yellow fruit flavours - very quaffable. 125ml glass 3.95. 175ml glass 4.95. 75cl bottle 18.95

Conviviale Pinot Grigio. Veneto, Italy. Crisp and lively dry white, lightly aromatic with characters of peach, baked apple and citrus fruits. 75cl bottle 19.95


Ancora Chiaretto Rose. Piedmont, Italy. Light and crisp and delicately aromatic with wild strawberry fruit characters. 125ml glass 3.95. 175ml glass 4.95. 75cl bottle 18.95

Beatnik White Zinfandel. California, USA. Luscious strawberry ice cream on the nose with a bright, berry fruited palate and an off-dry finish. 75cl bottle 19.95


Prosecco Lunetta. Veneto, Italy. Deliciously light and fruity with hints of apple and peach. 125ml glass 4.25. 75cl bottle 20.95

Charles Chevalier Champagne Brut. Champagne, France. Made in the classic tradition of the Champagne houses of Aÿ. Depth, character and length epitomise the purity and finesse of Charles Chevalier. 75cl bottle 42.95


Gin & tonic

Fine, British gins (25ml) perfectly paired with a Fever-Tree tonic. 4.95

Shining Cliff

White Peak Distillery. Derbyshire. 45%. Inspired by woodland and hedgerows, a smooth, perfectly balanced dry gin. Paired with Indian tonic water and a slice of orange.

Copper house

Adnams. Southwold, Suffolk. 40%. This aromatic gin has classic notes of juniper alongside sweet orange, cardamon and hibiscus flowers. With Indian tonic water, lemon peel and juniper berries.

Victoria's rhubarb

Warner Edwards Distillery. Harrington, Northamptonshire. 40%. Voluptuous on the palate with a sweet and tangy royal rhubarb explosion! Paired with ginger ale and garnished with ginger and frozen raspberry.

Strawberry infused

Pin Gin, Bottomley Distillers. Louth, Lincolnshire. 40%. A subtly sweet gin, perfectly infused with strawberries and notes of black pepper. Served with Mediterranean tonic water, strawberries and mint.


Bottled beer

Best bitter

North Wall. 500ml, 4.2%. 4.25

Belgian-style witbier

Boss. 330ml, 4.6%. 4.00

Blaze golden ale

Boss. 330ml, 4.5%.  4.00

Elvis juice

Brewdog. 330ml, 6.5%. 3.75

Hop house 13 lager

330ml, 5%. 3.50

Vintage Cider

500ml, 6%. 4.25


Cold drinks

Belvoir Pressé

250ml. 2.70
• Elderflower
• Rasberry lemonade
• Ginger beer
• Pink grapefruit
• Mandarin & orange (light)
• Cucumber & mint

Harrogate Spring Water

Still or sparkling. 2.50

Frobishers Juice

250ml. 2.70
• Orange
• Apple
• Cranberry


Healthy and refreshing fruit and ice blend. 3.50
• Mango, passionfruit & pineapple
• Raspberry, blueberry & banana
• Strawberry, raspberry & blackberry


Cool specials


Decadent and delightful! Topped with whipped cream and sweet treats. 3.95

• Cornish salted caramel
• Cookies & cream
• Mint chocolate chip
• Raspberry ripple

Iced coffee

Frappé or latte. 3.25



We use a specially selected craft-roasted blend of beans to help us make your perfect drink. All coffees available decaffeinated. Extra shot 0.50. Flavoured syrups 0.50. Oat milk option 0.40. Soya milk option available on request.


Single shot. 2.00


Double shot of espresso and filtered hot water. 2.50

Flat white

Two sweet ristretto shots finished with steamed whole milk. 2.95


Double shot of espresso in steamed milk lightly topped with foam. 2.95


Double shot of espresso topped with a deep layer of foamed milk. 2.95


Our signature blend hot chocolate with a single shot of espresso. 3.35




Hot chocolate


Hot creamy milk blended with our signature blend hot chocolate. 2.95


With fresh cream, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles. 3.50



Crafted from whole leaves of the finest tea, loose leaf is the freshest and most authentic way to enjoy tea.

English house blend

Full bodied and aromatic blend of Assam and Kenyan teas. Available as decaffeinated. 2.50

Earl Grey

Blend of large leaf China tea flavoured with oil of bergamot. 2.60

Italian rose

Delicate, sweet-scented rose tea recognised for its relaxing effect on mind and soul. 2.60

Green tea

Super-healthy infusion packed full of antioxidants. 2.60


Caffeine-free refreshing deep red tea. 2.60


Herbal infusions

Caffeine-free leaves packed with complimentary and flavourful spices and fruits. 2.60

Pineapple & coconut tea

Tropical flavours… Apple, hibiscus, rose hip, coconut and pineapple.

Cranberry & apple tea

Delicious apple, hibiscus and rose hip.

Strawberry breeze

Wonderfully refreshing fruity tea blend of strawberries and mint.

Ginger & lemon

Refreshing, zingy tea made with lemongrass, lemon peel, liquorice root, peppermint and ginger pieces.


Clean, fresh peppermint calms and soothes the digestive system.


Allergies & intolerances

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please discuss with a member of staff when ordering.